Ayanna Spa

For the AG’s in Holland Park, Your New Pampering Destination - 21/09/2012

On Tuesday I visited the super lovely Ayanna Spa in Holland Park. In desperate need of a facial, I booked the Caci treatment which involves microdermabrasion and LED light therapy. I showed up at the spa totally exhausted from getting up with the baby at 5AM and when the owner, Nalini, took one look at me she suggested something that could let me completely relax. I was led back to a cozy treatment room and settled in for my personalized facial. After a little bit of cleansing and exfoliating, I fell asleep. Whoops..

The facial was so peaceful, and when I did wake up again, my skin felt much more hydrated and soft. I didn’t want to leave the spa right away so I asked if I could book in for a quick bikini wax. The therapist was quick and the treatment was relatively painless.

The spa also offers mani/pedi’s (their express treatment is only £15!), body wraps, massages, and IPL hair removal.

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