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BEAUTY BITES: Prepare to pamper - 13/03/2013

Possibly my favourite treat in the entire world, is a massage. If I ever feel like splurging any pennies at a beautician, it's on my aching old back. Yeah, OK, so wearing heels probably doesn't help. But luckily I have an awesome osteopath who tells me stories about the time when Karl Lagerfeld gave him a blanket for his cat. So, y'know, bad backs can reap good fashion stories.

Anyway, I digress. My point is merely that if I can ever afford one, a massage is my go-to, feel-good, one-stop (hyphen heaven) treat. And when I discover possibly the best massage I have ever had, then I want to share. Apologies to those who don't live in London (come down and visit? I'll show you my top spots) but if you do, Holland Park's Ayanna Spa is my best discovery.

Soft armchairs, free drinks and nibbles (already the way to my heart) greeted me at reception, before the most heavenly hour ensured at the hands of my therapist, who performed the Lymphatic Drainage massage. Locating any blockages in your system and expelling the nasty toxins out of the body, this massage is the perfect way to detox. It's no surprise that I positively floated out the spa and home.

Massages aren't cheap, but boy, if you're feeling like you deserve a 'me' present, is an Ayanna Spa massage worth it. Massages start from £45, at 146 Holland Park Avenue.

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