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Fabric Magazine: Pevonia Lumafirm Firm & Glow - 01/06/2013

Regular readers should be almost ready to unleash their bikini body on the unsuspecting public, but there's always room for a spot of perfecting, right? Step up Lumafirm Firm & Glow, which promises to nourish, brighten and tighten. I love a spa treatment, but I'm going to level with you, my heart sinks when the words 'body wrap' are mentioned - on the most part they're messy and, let's face it, inconvenient. This, though, is not your traditional wrap.

Pevonia Botanica are dubbing their latest body treatment - so my therapist informs me - a wrap-age. Now, reserve your judgement, because, naff as this might sound, it's also fairly accurate. The hour-long treatment is deeply rooted in massage - and this isn't just reserved to the application of products, even when the wrap is removed, it is done with warm towels, using a luxurious stroking technique - making it hugely relaxing, but also highly results driven, too. The Body Elizir, Micro Release Massage Gel, Body Wrap and Body Moisturiser - which make up the four stages of the treatment - contain all-natural ingredients chosen for their anti-ageing, elasticising, brightening and repairing properties; Lumafirm is especially effective in targeting visible pigmentation damage and uneven or dull skin tone.

After an hour I feel not just pampered, but perfectly preened, too. My skin is soft, and, yes, glowing; I'm still the same saggy old me, but I feel that bit tighter, and ready to brave the short skirts on summer. LN

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