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1883 Magazine: Beauty Feature - 10/05/2013

Pevonia is a skincare brand that packs a punch. Established in 1991, it harnesses the most effective, safe, powerful and harmonious ingredients found within the earth’s natural resourses. Fusing cutting-edge scientific research and innovation with marine and botanical ingredients, Pevonia has now become the world’s number one professional skin and spa care brand and is used in elite spas, salons and clinics in over 100 countries around the world. Not only is it ethically and environmentally friendly, it’s free from any nasties and instead crams in natural, nurturing goodness.

The newest treatment from Pevonia sees the arrival of the lumafirm Body Firm & Glow treatment - which promises to lighten, brighten and tighten. This is through the use of 26 all-natural ingredients - including anti-ageing collagen to smooth wrinkles and kombucha to repair, redefine and increase skin elasticity. With the summer season fast approaching, how could I refuse an invitation to go try one out? Exactly. Situated just moments from Holland Park station is the Ayanna Spa – a boutique day destination offering everything from massages and facials to laser hair removal and mani pedis. Small and cosy, it’s warm and inviting and offers a calming refuge from the hustle and bustle of London. Just the ticket.

The Body Firm & Glow treatment is a mixture of a massage and a body wrap (a wrappage, if you will) – the perfect combination of therapies to tighten, firm and infuse skin with long-lasting radiance. Starting with a full body massage with Pevonia’s Body Elixir, a micro release massage gel is then used to revitalise, hydrate, nourish, smooth and protect the skin. Containing safflower oil, squalane, beeswax, olive extract and vitamins A & C, it feels glorious as it is blended into your body. This is due to the heat sensing technology the gel contains, which activates on contact and releases the active ingredients.

Then comes the wrap part – where you will feel a bit like a chicken ready to be cooked in the oven, but trust me – it feels good. Covered in plastic you lie still, absorbing the soothing sounds playing around you as your therapist massages you through the wrap. This really ensures the product is penetrating your skin and it feels heavenly. You are then unwrapped and patted down with warm towels to remove any product left on the skin’s surface. Most places would make you get up and have a shower at this point (which is hardly relaxing and is pretty much the last thing you feel like doing) – so Penovia cleverly skipped that step. Any excuse to stay lying down and I’m happy.

The treatment ends with the application of Pevonia’s body moisturiser, which (like all the other products) is beautifully fragranced and leaves you smelling like a dream. It’s highly recommended that you continue using it along with the Silky Skin Body Scrub so you can prolong the results of the treatment. Not only did I feel like silk and smell sublime, I was left totally relaxed and glowing from the inside out. This is one treatment that everyone needs to try this season.

Words by Frankie Rozwadowska

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